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Noah's Ark Christian Preschool: Our Mission for your child
At Noah's Ark Christian PreSchool,we recognize that the care we provide is an extension of the home. The home and school form a partnership for the love and care of each child.  Noah's Ark is a Christian School in which children from all denominations are welcome. Our objective is to help children grow and develop mentally, physically, socially, and spiritually.

Christian love and Biblical principles are included in all aspects of our School program. They are not an isolated part of the curriculum. Through Bible stories, art, Bible verses, songs and character studies, children learn the foundational truths of Christianity. The name of our School, Noah's Ark, was selected because it conveys a sense of safety from the storms of life. We are committed to having this school serve as a safe place for children.

We are committed…

* To help your child grow and develop spiritually, mentally, physically and socially

* To provide your child the best of care

* To ensure a safe environment for your child

* To educate and prepare your child for elementary school

Our teachers and staff…

* All staff member must meet the qualification requirements established by the State of         Virginia, the Dept. of Education, and the Dept. of Social Services.

* Training and career development is essential in maintaining a quality professional staff.

* Staff provides lots of personal attention and support to the children.

* Teachers enjoy the parent participation in classroom projects and parties.

Our staff is supported by membership in the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI). This ACSI is devoted to the development and training of teachers, directors and administrators in Christian education. As a result, each Noah's Ark child receives a high quality education.

PARENTS and GRANDPARENTS....DONATE TO NOAH'S ARK TODAY!  Call 703 915-5243 and ask to donate to Noah's Ark in the name of your child... WE ACCEPT CREDIT CARDS AND PAYPAL!